Would you like to turn YOUR idea into a business, or if you have a business, turn your chaos into growth?


And have me show you how for Free?


Hey there!


I’m looking for the perfect client I can work with to change their life trajectory. Personally. And Professionally. By taking them on a path to structure and build out their company to WORK BEAUTIFULLY!


If you’re that client, I will personally work with you one-on-one to turn your idea into a highly differentiated business that is wonderful to work for and is expanding in ways you may have never thought possible.


AND, You WON'T Have to Risk Leaving Your Job or Losing Revenue
Before You Start Realizing the Benefit of this Work!


Here’s why:


First thing I’m going to do for you is to understand your business and the ideas behind it. I'm then going to turn the things we discover into four colored boxes that have consistent inputs and outputs.


There is No Charge for This and it Only Takes About
45-90 Minutes for Us to Do Together.


At the end of our session, one of these two things will happen:


  1. You will be on cloud nine and shocked there were such huge opportunities that you couldn’t see before you viewed them through the lens of the colored boxes and you will decide to go after the opportunity to build them out on your own. Fair enough.

  2. You will be on cloud nine and ask to become my client so I can personally help you to develop your colored boxes 10 to 20 time faster than on your own so you can quit your job or start realizing the revenue impact right away, but this time doing it in way that you absolutely love.


Really simple and there is no catch.


Think About This.


The worst that can happen is you get an in-depth look at what it will take to bring your idea to market or turn your business around.


The best that can happen is we decide to work together one-on-one to turn that the opportunity you’ve identified in our session into reality, quickly.  


That’s Why this is the Closest Thing to Having a Fast Forward

Button for Becoming a Thriving, Self-Made Entrepreneur You'll Ever Get!


Here’s how it’ll work:


First, we get on the phone one-on-one and go over your background and business idea. Here's where you will feel great that someone actually gets what you are thinking or experiencing. And that’s a really good feeling. You are NOT alone!


I then take a look at your know how and your idea(s) and match those up with the opportunity in the market. This is where you start to see yourself in a new light, which you will experience as feeling lighter and uplifted.


Once we have those ingredients, I can help you innovate the parameters into a set of capabilities that are missing from the market. This gives the ingredients you will need to express the value proposition that will work with clients to bring in business quickly.


When it comes to creating your value proposition, there are several ways I might do this for you.


For example, I might show you how to differentiate from existing solutions by:


Changing the way you go-to-market

Changing who you target for the market

Narrowing your market to one or more niches



Or some combination of those plus many other possibilities including going all in on one particular business block.


Heck, we might even put together a survey on the fly or call some people you know who are in the market to totally validate the hypothesis right then and there.


And Again, There is No Charge for This.


So what’s in it for me?


First off, these sessions, doing this kind of work, are where I totally come alive. I call it "out of thin air" because this kind of blank page stuff, coming up with something out of seemingly nothing, with amazing people exactly like you who are being held back from working in a way they love, is what I do best.


Second, doing this work is how I grow, attract, and retain top-level clients.


It works like this:


During our session when you see that building out your company differently is totally plausible AND will want to continue the amazing work we have just started doing together, you’re probably going to want to secure your name on the list to be considered for the next available slot that opens up. Even if that means just meeting once a month. Which, by the way, is great for those who want out of a current job but need their business venture to replace their current income before making the big leap.


I call having once a month workshop with support in-between to help you when you are stuck, Idea Building.

My fee for the Idea Builder is $1k a month. You get one intense session per month and support in-between to answer questions and break down barriers. It is intense.

Or you might be at a turning point in your business and for a variety of reasons and need to go a lot faster. In this case, I may need to take you through a workshop once a week with support in-between in order to accelerate the time it takes for your startup business to earn revenue. I call this the Business Builder.

My fee for the Business Builder is $2k a month. You get one intense session per week, support in-between, and me co-creating with you on critical business capabilities.


But in reality this isn’t “costing” you anything.




Because I expect you to make 2x or 3x or more than that within three to six months… and if we keep working together over the next 12 months, I’m confident I can double that again, at a minimum.


But remember, we’ll be figuring out your business opportunity and getting a sense of the numbers before we finish our first session… which is free!


The point is you’ll understand the enormity of the opportunity presented by differentiating your business by the way it operates and innovates through colored boxes before we end our video call.


And look, if you don’t want to become a client, don’t worry about it. You won’t get pressure from me of any kind, ever.




You will find our conversation incredibly uplifting and feel more empowered to go after your idea fix your business than you ever have any time in your life before. Which gives you the best chance you've ever had to actually GO FOR IT!


So if you are someone who’s had an “entrepreneurial glimpse” of the future, and making a successful leap would like this be a dream come true, I’ve intentionally made this damn near impossible for you to say no to. Because damn-it, nothing like this existed for me when I went to make the leap and if it did, I would’ve been all in. And I want YOU all in!


In fact, everyone that was offering help mostly provided canned advice that was years old or was saying the same thing as everyone else but dressed up differently. Some options were delivered via a video program where you had to sign first and then get access to see if it helped you or not. Take it from me, THOSE DON'T WORK!




Who else is doing this right now?


NOBODY. (I checked)


ut I’m happy to put it all on the line because all my CEOs I’ve worked with one-on-one (in the hundreds) always get huge value every single time we speak.




Consider this:


Over the last 10 years, I’ve advised over 250 startup CEOs and their teams, mostly in the Seattle area, who have gone on to generate over 100 million in revenue. (I am not taking credit for their revenue, THEY earned it, just like YOU are going to earn it!)

Anyway if you’ve made it this far you can imagine I’m going to get a ton of interest from this offer.


And that’s why this next part is critical to pay close attention to before you say “yes”.



Here’s who I can help:


As I mentioned earlier, I look for very specific clients who I can help right out of the gate. So I have to have very specific criteria that needs to be met in order for us to agree to move forward.


  1. You must commit to making your business beautiful through colored boxes by solving something two or more times better than existing solutions.

  2. You have to be really attracted to new ideas and better ways to think about and go about business (maybe even be a little cynical on the way others do things :-))

  3. You have to be willing to put in hard work in areas you may be unfamiliar with and or uncomfortable with for the thrill of learning something new

  4. You must have references from those who know and care for you who can vouch for your character

  5. You must be able to follow directions and do things on your own and raise your hand when you don't understand something or are stuck in the mud


There you go! That’s the client I’m looking for. And if this is you then I can’t wait to get started!

Wait, there is one more criteria I almost forgot. You have be the kind of person who tells me when something I've done for you with has made a difference. This is how I get fed!


Here’s what I want you to do next.


If you meet the criteria above and want to talk with me in person so you can be in the running for this slot, I’ll gladly set aside some time for you.


Here’s how it works:


First, you’ll need to fill out simple form below this text to let me know you’re interested.


I just need to get a sense of who you are at this point and validate you are a real live human being who wants to answer a burning question that has been building up over time.


I’m going to ask for a real deposit of $97.


Not to worry, I could care less about your $97.


This is Just a Way to Separate Those Who are Ready to Go from
Those Who Just Want to Kick the Tires.


You’ll get it all back at the end of our video call after we end our session (unless you are chosen as a client and wish to proceed, in which case it can be applied to your balance).


After that, here’s what will happen.


Once I have your simple application and your deposit, I’ll send you three times for us to talk. Respond back within 24 hours to secure a slot. After 24 hours I free those up for others.


When it is time for our session, we will be together for 45 to 90 minutes.


We’ll get into the weeds of who you are, what your idea or business is all about, and what is stopping your form going forward at this time.


Then the intensity turns up and epiphany's come pouring out as we begin to figure out how to organize into colored boxes and how to create them in a way where something spectacular happens that the market will embrace. Believe me, we will know it when we get there!


If you see value in building this out with my help, then that’s great! At that point we can talk through how that will work.


If you don’t, that’s just as good of an answer. I will wish you all the best and return your deposit immediately.


You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.


(By the way NO ONE has ever felt like it was a waste of their time. EVER.)




LLook, there is only one of me and because of the intense level of these sessions there are only 7 Idea Builder and 3 Business Builder slots I can take and still be 100% effective.


Please realize there is going to be a huge demand for these one-on-one free sessions from me and what I’m offering to you isn’t being done anywhere by anybody else.


That said, this window won’t be open for long.

Fill out the form below to GO FOR IT and we'll get a time on the calendar to talk in the next two weeks.